Do You Make These Common Staffing Mistakes?

staffing mistakes

Small business staffing recruitment can be a very difficult process. Fortunately, employment agencies and staffing agencies are able to provide much needed guidance, so that common staffing mistakes are more easily avoided. Read on to learn more about these pitfalls, as well as how to steer clear of them in the future.

1. Hiring People You Know

For a small business, it is challenging to find trustworthy people to fill the few slots that are open. Some may forgo the search process and opt to hire friends or family members. While this may seem like a great idea in the short run, using employment agencies to offer staffing solutions is a much better plan than relying on a friend of a friend or a family member. Staffing agencies ensure that the best person for the position is hired and that no nepotism takes place.

2. Lack of Research

A person’s resume may seem perfect, but how much do you really know about them? Did they leave their last job by choice or were they forced out? When a small business is just getting started, they do not always have the time or the expertise to conduct the proper research. Staffing agencies, on the other hand, can put their years of experience to use and provide a much clearer picture of what a company is getting itself into.

3. Acting Too Slowly

Small businesses can act too quickly when it comes to hiring people that they know, but they can also act too slowly as far as firing those who have been proven to be incompetent. Knowing when it is time to let someone go is just as important as knowing when it is time to make a hire. Keeping someone on, in a role that they are not suited for, will not allow your company to grow.

4. Settling For Second Best

If a small business needs to a fill a role quickly, they will often try to accomplish the task on their own, without the help of staffing agencies. When staffing a new business, it is best to find someone who can fill the role on a permanent basis, as opposed to a person who can take over quickly. Allowing an employment agency to take over the staffing process removes all doubt from the equation.

5. Over-staffing

Feeling like you’ve covered all of the bases is a great feeling, but what happens when you’ve hired too many people for the positions that are open? By providing employment agencies with all of the necessary information regarding your staffing needs, you can sidestep this common staffing mistake and ensure that your resources are being used properly, as opposed to having to make cutbacks at a later date.

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