Benefits Of Using A Staffing Agency

staffing benefits

There are countless benefits in using a staffing agency for companies of all sizes and industries. Everything from the financial aspect to temporary order filling needs can be excellent reasons to consider utilizing the services of a good staffing agency. This article will choose to spotlight the top three reasons for considering this type of employment avenue to meet a company’s needs.

An overview

The range and scope offered by temporary staffing is indeed a large one, and can be effectively used for every arena in the employment field from corporate America to lawn and care services. These agencies can be useful for a small start up company that is just needing to fill a large manufacturing order from a new customer to the administrative needs for a large corporation that needs to fill some vacancies due to any variety of reasons, i.e. maternity leave, vacations, illness, etc., and the skills and abilities of temporary employees requested can be relied upon to be more than proficient in most every situation. This is just a quick overview of the many benefits for using a temporary staffing agency.

Short term needs

The first and most obvious benefit is the short term needs solution. A company can find themselves shorthanded for an endless number of reasons and often without any forewarning. Family emergencies, sickness, accidents and even the planned absences like vacation, business trips or scheduled personal reasons like a wedding are just a few of those many reasons for potential needs requiring companies to fill voids in the staff. The common sense approach dictates that hiring someone as a permanent employee just doesn’t add up, practically speaking. Upon return of the employee which took absence there is the obvious issue of having that one extra employee now on payroll and now requiring to be utilized since no longer needed in the original capacity. The bottom line is a temporary employee is just good business sense.

Specific skills

welding is a skill that can be found by a staffing agency

Welding is a skill that most cannot just “pick up” on the fly.

Next to consider is the ease and fit of utilizing the staffing agency to fill a need and in particular if this is a position requiring any skill set at all. If a dock worker takes leave, then wanting to have a replacement that is at least familiar with such concepts as palletizing, loading and unloading or forklift operation is definitely ideal. There could also be a need for a more complex position. For example, a bookkeeper that will need to be aware of how to make daily data entries into an accounting system. In this situation, understanding the principles of debits, credits, daily balancing and other accounting knowledge and duties is not optional.

A nice benefit of staffing agencies is that they ensure that the employees used are screened (this can be background checks, drug tests, etc.). They also ensure that those sent to a particular assignment have either experience or schooling, and if at all possible both. Once again, common sense states that the time it takes to train, familiarize and get an employee ready to begin actually contributing to the daily functions needed to keep a company working smoothly is extremely important.

Financial benefits

Finally there is the often overlooked and unrecognized financial benefit to a company by using a staffing agency to fill those temporary needs. As mentioned earlier, not having to hire a permanent employee is the preferred option from a practical and financial view. Generally speaking, a company’s payroll is the largest expense incurred in operations. Eliminating the addition of another employee is without question helpful to any company’s bottom line. That training aspect that was also noted earlier is another cost effective measure. If an employee can come in ready or needing little direction to begin being a productive member of the team then it alleviates the need for training, the downtime lost during training and most likely the rate of work produced as well.a staffing agency will handle all of your payroll and workers' compensation

Finding an employee that is trained, ready and a good fit to fill a needed vacancy or to boost production is an invaluable benefit. It is not only good business sense, but often these temporary employees find themselves either returning to the same company upon request or for particular seasonal needs. Sometimes they even become permanent employees. It can actually be the way for a company to “test drive” an employee, and this is just another benefit of using these types of agencies.

All these points have a direct impact on the revenue of a company. In addition to these financial benefits, such expenses as workers’ compensation, paying the costs for background checks or drug screening for example aren’t going to be extra expenses as a result of using a temporary staffing agency. They handle all the payroll, including ensuring ACA compliance, which can be difficult and time consuming to track.

Final thoughts

With these considerations; filling short term needs, the ease of getting extra help that is competent and the financial sense it makes, it becomes clear that this is why temporary staffing agencies have been an excellent resource used by many companies for so long.  Bringing in well trained, short term employees that make good financial sense for the company is just good business practice and provides reliable and solid solutions. There are many other reasons for why and how these services can be used, but the best advice is probably to just go out and take a “test drive” and let the results speak for themselves.

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